NSK cyclocross

NSK cyclocross

NSK cyclocross 2024

On the 21st of January we are organising the NSK/OTK cyclocross. There are 4 student categories (men/women with/without license) in which you can only participate on a cyclocross bike. In these categories you can battle for the red-white-blue jersey!
If you do not have a cyclocross bike but you have a mountainbike or gravelbike, you can participate in the OTK (Open Tilburgs Kampioenschap).
You can register via: https://mijn.knwu.nl/calendar/events/8931
Feel free to send a message if you have any KNWU related questions.

If you don’t want to race you can also come and spectate! There will be a cyclocross atmosphere and it would be nice if we have lots of Meetiers there!

TSWV de Meet is dé vereniging voor studenten wielrenners en mountainbikers in Tilburg. Check ook de algemene pagina over TSWV de Meet, wielrennen bij TSWV de Meet en mountainbiken bij TSWV de Meet.

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