Would you like to join us? We are happy to hear! More information about how to become a “Meetier” on this page

Membership of TSWV De Meet

In order to become a member, you need to have a sports card at Tilburg University Sports Centre.

The subscription runs from September to September. Different rates apply for new members who is joining during the academic year (see the table below). The cancellation of the membership has to be done before 1st August.

Student members: € 25,00
Student members after 1st January: € 18,00
Student members after 1st May: € 15,00
Non-student members: € 25,00

The exact amount and date of the debit will be communicated in advance towards the members each year by TSWV De Meet.

By joining De Meet you thereby give permission to the TSWV De Meet until further notice to debit the above-mentioned price once per academic year., determined during the General Members’ meeting.

You can cancel the debit within 30 days via email addressed to the board of TSWV De Meet.

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