General information about cycling at TSWV De Meet, training sessions, possibilities for beginners without a road bike, sprint classification, and the Paris – Tilburg ride

Cycling season

De Meet organizes two trainings per week (Monday, Thursday). On each training day we gather at the Sport Centre of Tilburg University between 5.00PM and 6.00PM (the exact time is always discussed beforehand) and leave together. The trainings on Monday are on a closed cycling track of TWC Pijnenburg (Reeshof, Tilburg). During these trainings we practice cornering, do intervals and improve everyone’s technical abilities. These trainings are managed by a trainer.

The Thursday we are following our own route on public roads (“Meetrondje”) which is approximately 54km long. These trainings are the perfect opportunity for practicing how to ride in a big group, but also a nice occasion to have a nice chat with other teammates and enjoy the beauty of road cycling together. During the trainings we take everyone’s physical level and condition into account. Thus, no matter if you are a beginner in road cycling or an elite, everyone is warmly welcomed! Since the team is big enough, you will definitely find other riders on the same level as you are.

Winter season

De Meet stay active in the winter season as well, no matter if it’s cold or gets darker earlier. Therefore, if you are addicted to cycling, you don’t have to put down your bike during this period. The winter season lasts from the middle of October until March. The structure of the training stays the same, but we have spinning sessions as well on Wednesdays. The Monday track trainings do not take place at TWC Pijnenburg, but at T58. The Thursday trainings are also on different routes, but these routes are always discussed beforehand as well as the meeting time and the spinning sessions.

Paris - Tilburg

Paris Tilburg is a huge event that has been organized 10 times in the past 12 years by De Meet. Some of our strongest riders cycle from the city centre of Paris to Tilburg in 24 hours. The total distance of the ride is approximately 420km. The riders start at the famous Champs-Elysées around midnight and cycle to Tilburg via Belgium. The next Paris-Tilburg ride will take place in June 2024, more information will follow soon!

Beginners without bike

Are you a beginner without a bike? No problem! We have few rental bikes (road bikes and mountain bikes) that you can use and rent. If you are planning to rent a bike, please contact us! Also, if you are planning to purchase your own bike, we are happy to help you to look at the options you might have!


We always track our trainings with the popular Strava app. YOu can also find us there and see our rider’s activities.

The sprint classification

The sprint classification at De Meet has been a popular tradition for many years. On every Thursday during the training every rider can race for points. The “Meetrondje” includes three sprint segments, from which the most challenging one between Gilze and Chaam counts for points. 3, 2 and 1 point is distributed for the first three riders. Women and men races are divided. These sprints are a nice chance for the riders to compete against each other and get a little feeling of racing. The Classement starts in March and riders can collect points until the end of the season (October). The best woman  and man riders will be awarded by a prize.

Dames Sprintklassement


Heren Sprintklassement

3Jean Dre11

Previous winners:

2021: Tessa Wokke
2019: Ilona van Ginneken

2021: Luc Daniels
2019: Victor van Buuren – Tim Broers
2018: Tim Broers

Time trials

Heren met licentie

1Luuk van Gestel13:21:672020
2Nol van Loon13:40:282017
3Michael-Angelo Romana13:43:982017
4Teun Forschelen13:54:002014
5Ronald Kolkman14:12:002013
6Bram Dissel14:20:332017
7Michiel van Bellen14:28:002013
8Joep Staps14:33:002015
9Sjors Roosen14:37:302018
10Sander Kraaijkamp14:37:302018

Heren zonder licentie

1Twan Vissers14:46:402020
2Luc Daniels14:52:222021
3Teun Nagel14:54:192021
4Casper Vorstermans15:02:602021
5Jord Wokke15:03:442021
6Bas Vlaskamp15:04:382016
7Vincent de Groot15:10:272020
8Jens Kleijburg15:12:072019
9Peter Stienstra15:18:962016
10Daan Wolswijk15:25:982020


1Bianca van den Belt15:45:092020
2Elisa Serne15:51:542020
3Tessa Wokke16:05:572021
4Marcella van Wanrooij16:36:182020
5Lieske Coumans16:43:182021
6Aster Bruning16:44:482017
7Elisabeth Beusch17:04:632018
8Karin van Maurik17:22:002013
9Magdalena Pistorka17:38:202020
10Goedele Visser17:59:012020