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The board, committee and sponsors

TSWV De Meet - since 3 August 1978

The main goal of De Meet is to provide a nice atmosphere in which everyone can ride together, meet new people, but most importantly have fun. We keep an eye on each riders in order to provide the best experience with us and introduce people to the beauty of cycling. Therefore, we think it is very important to control the team by students. Each board position is filled in with students, who are studying in Tilburg, and their studies matches with the study they follow. 

The aim of the team is not just organizing trainings every week, but to grow as much as possible, get more people involved in cycling and create friend groups for a lifetime. Apart from the trainings, we organize off bike activities as well, to have the chance to get to know each other more off the bike. 

In the academic year 2021/2022 the new board is fully determined to develop De Meet, improve the trainings, activities and support riders who are participating in competitions within and outside the Netherlands. Moreover, we are working to reach out to more companies, who would sponsor and help our team to achieve our goals.

The board

Tom Bruinink


Tom started cycling 3 years ago after playing football for 12 years. In the beginning he started to explore the area of Nijmegen on a bike where he lives, and his love about cycling started. Since last year, Tom has been cycling around in Brabant from Tilburg. After the first wave of corona, he joined De Meet and later became a member of the activity committee. Later in 2021 he became the chairman of the team. As a chairman, Tom is trying to make people enthusiastic about cycling, joining the team and get more members active to make beautiful memories together. 

Tom’s best cycling experience was climbing the Pyrenees two years ago. He hopes that together with De Meet we can experience it together in the upcoming future.

Teun Nagel


Teun started cycling in May/April, 2020. He had a mountain bike for a few years, but it was hardly used because he did running. In September 2020, he joined De Meet, because he was looking for something else besides running. Due to the overload of running injuries, Teun decided to focus on cycling and racing. Since then, he has been very active starting in the NSK (National Student Championships) committee of De Meet, and organizing the Veluwe Ride in 2021. In addition he was allowed to organize a competition with the KNWU in south France (La Bicycle Classic) After these, he wanted to do more for the team, thus joined the board of 2021/2022 as treasures. He wants to keep the team financially healthy, and besides focus on competitions and student cups.

Teun’s best cycling memory was riding at the La Bicycle Classic. He hopes that in the academic year 2021/2022 the team will be very successful.

Bregje van Dortmont


Bregje has been riding her road bike for a year. She started cycling during the COVID-19 pandemic, when her field hockey team was forced to stand still due to the measurements. Bregje soon got infected by road cycling and decided to join De Meet in March 2021. As an unexperienced rider, she started to attend on trainings, challenged herself day by day and improved her skills little by little. Her main goal is to compete on her first race in 2022. Besides the board year, Bregje is also helping other committee members in organizing social events within the team – she is ready to face any challenges!

Together with her fellow board members, she hopes to make this academic year an unforgettable one.

Bart de Goede


Bart has been an active road cyclist since the beginning of 2021. Before cycling he played hockey. After many years without sports he decided to purchase his first road bike during the second lockdown. It didn’t take long to get the rhythm of road cycling, and now he tries to cycle as much as possible. He found the first training extremely exciting and tough, but nevertheless he found his place in De Meet. He enjoys all the trainings and social events very fun, thus he is always present. In 2022 his goal is to cycle from south France to the Netherlands. 

He decided to join the 2021/2022 board as a PR-Commissioner, because he has affinity and feeling to do it, and also does the same things in his everyday life. 

Bart hopes to make an unforgettable year, fulfilled with successes, events and joy.


Paris-Tilburg committee

This committee ensures that our Paris-Tilburg event can take place safely. A good preparation for such big trip (420 km) is of course very important!

PR/Sponsor committee

This committee is responsible for the promotion of De Meet and the contact with the sponsors. This committee also ensures that when contracts expire, new contracts will be concluded.

Activity committee

The activity committee takes care of all the social activities within De Meet; from weekend activities to drinks and dinners.


This committee ensures that the NSK Cyclocross, which is organized every year by De Meet at the Pijnenburg cycling track, runs smoothly.