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The board, committee and sponsors

TSWV De Meet - since 3 August 1978

The main goal of De Meet is to provide a nice atmosphere in which everyone can ride together, meet new people, but most importantly have fun. We keep an eye on each riders in order to provide the best experience with us and introduce people to the beauty of cycling. Therefore, we think it is very important to control the team by students. Each board position is filled in with students, who are studying in Tilburg, and their studies matches with the study they follow. 

The aim of the team is not just organizing trainings every week, but to grow as much as possible, get more people involved in cycling and create friend groups for a lifetime. Apart from the trainings, we organize off bike activities as well, to have the chance to get to know each other more off the bike. 

In the academic year 2021/2022 the new board is fully determined to develop De Meet, improve the trainings, activities and support riders who are participating in competitions within and outside the Netherlands. Moreover, we are working to reach out to more companies, who would sponsor and help our team to achieve our goals.

The board

Bram Andriesse


Bram is a 21 years old German-Dutch student, who is in his third-year in the Bachelor Organization Studies at Tilburg University. 

He started cycling in the beginning of 2020, because he wanted to commute from his home in Eindhoven to Tilburg University. Since the distance between the two cities is quite long, he decided to commute by his road bike he bought. 

He decided to join De Meet, because he quickly found his passion for cycling and he was looking for other cyclists to ride together with. Moreover, he was looking for new challenges and meeting new people to expand his networks. For this reason, he thought De Meet was the perfect choice.

In the academic year 2022/2023 he will be in the chairman position in the Board of De Meet, and his main goal is to see a rider from De Meet winning a competition in the Netherlands, and enlarge the number of the active members.

His main personal goal is to be qualified to the Grand Fondo World Championships in 2023.

Jean-Dré Damoiseaux


Jean-Dré is a 22 years old Dutch student, who begins his Master in Supply Chain Management this year. He started to get into road cycling when he was 19, because he decided to end his football career. He was a fanatic in football so he quickly became a cycling fanatic as well. Next to cycling he is also a fanatic enduro walker, with the ‘4 daagse van Nijmegen’ and ‘de 80 van de Langstraat’ he has some really sick accomplishments on his repertoire.

As a cyclist he wants to improve his technique and get more competitive. Last year he already raced his first studentcup and that tickled him to train harder and become an even better rider then he already was. The main goal he has is to have fun with the sport. Exploring new roads, having cycling holidays with good friends and new people and so on. 

Jean-Dré became a member after the big lockdowns of 2021-2022. He was looking for new cycling buddies and started looking around. Right now we are so glad that Jean-Dré found the meet back then because he is one of the most enthusiastic members we’ve had. With an amazing drive on and off the bike, we present to you our candidate Treasurer: Jean-Dré Damoiseaux.  

Jord Wokke


Jord is a 18 years old Dutch student, who is currently studying Communication and Information Sciences at Tilburg University. Jord was born in a family that is very passionate about cycling, so the love for the bike was instilled in him at an early age. He started cycling at the age of 10 and over the years started to cycle more and more to discover his beloved North-Holland (and later Tilburg).

Beforehand Jord had heard many good stories about De Meet and this in combination with his search for an active association and his passion for cycling made him decide to become a member of the association. He has also been a member of the studentencup committee and has participated in many activities and will therefore be a familiar face to many members. His highlight on the bike so far has also been at De Meet, namely completing Paris-Tilburg

During the board year of 2022/2023 he will be in the secretary position in the Board of De Meet. He hopes that in the upcoming year, he can get more people excited about De Meet and thus make sure that the number of members will grow. His personal goal is to complete a marathon and to continue doing triathlons, of which he recently finished his first.

Bendegúz Ken Bonecz


Bendi is a 22 year old Japanese-Hungarian student, who is a third year Bachelor Online Culture student at Tilburg University. He grew up in Budapest, where he was active in sports from a young age. He played tennis at a high level for 10 years, but stopped when he decided to move abroad. When COVID-19 came in 2020, Bendi was looking for a new hobby and that was the time when he found road cycling. 

After Bendi moved to Tilburg in August 2020, he soon became an active member of De Meet, as he was eager to meet new people and enjoy this wonderful sport with others. Many will also know Bendi as the man behind the social media channels of De Meet and he’s been already involved in the PR committee last year. His sporting highlight was completing the Tour des Stations in 2022, but his next goal is to get a podium position at the NSK in 2023.

Next year Bendi wants to use all his experience and knowledge of PR and marketing to help De Meet grow in these areas. He also wants, as an international board member of 2022-2023, to motivate other internationals to also become a member of De Meet and share the joy of cycling together.


Paris-Tilburg committee

This committee ensures that our Paris-Tilburg event can take place safely. A good preparation for such big trip (420 km) is of course very important!

PR/Sponsor committee

This committee is responsible for the promotion of De Meet and the contact with the sponsors. This committee also ensures that when contracts expire, new contracts will be concluded.

Activity committee

The activity committee takes care of all the social activities within De Meet; from weekend activities to drinks and dinners.


This committee ensures that the NSK Cyclocross, which is organized every year by De Meet at the Pijnenburg cycling track, runs smoothly.